Our Mission

Machine Learning is already revolutionizing every single industry and changing every aspect of our world. However, there's a huge barrier to entry - You must have a strong background in Calculus, Linear Algebra, Computer Science, Coding, and so much more!

This doesn't make sense at all, the best tool we have to progress humanity forward should not be left behind such a huge barrier to entry.

This is why we created DeepDev, a company with the goal of democratizing machine learning, making it accessible to everyone.

Our Solution

You Build, We Code

We've reinvented Machine Learning by allowing you to build high-performance models with a simple drag and drop editor. Then DeepDev generates the code for you.

We also offer interactive tutorials to guide you through the fundamentals of machine learning. You don't need to know any Calculus, Linear Algebra, Coding, or even have an idea of what Machine Learning is to go through our tutorials, we keep them simple and understandable to everyone!

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The Process

We reinvented machine learning by breaking it down to a simple 3 step process that is easy for everyone to follow - Load, Build, Generate.



Load in your dataset with your training, testing and validation data. You can upload your own dataset, fetch a dataset from external websites like kaggle, or choose one of DeepDev's existing datasets from our interactive tutorials.



Build your model using an intuitive drag and drop editor. Simply click and drag features from our toolbox and drop it onto the network builder interface. You can also add existing state-of-the-art architectures to your model. It's as simple as putting together puzzle pieces!



After you've built the model, we generate the code for you. You can select from two types of code generation, from raw Python code that you can run directly, to Jupyter notebooks which is formatted python code used by machine learning developers.

Why DeepDev?

Intuitive Model Builder

DeepDev offers an intuitive drag and drop editor for building machine learning models to suit your needs. You can select from a multitude of developer tools. E.g. convolutional layers, dropout layers, etc...


We offer fine-detail customizability for advanced users. You can change the parameters of each layer by editing its corresponding options. If you need further customization, you can convert the model into code and edit it from there.


We offer interactive tutorials for getting started with developing machine learning models using DeepDev. Ranging from building a handwritten digit dataset classifier using convolutional neural networks to a Donald Trump tweet generator with LSTMs.

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